500 Word Noir Project...crosses genres... [this started as noir, but ended up...not really noir...a slackerhero tale? The suggester reserves the right to call for a re-do, since I didn't exactly hold up my end of the bargain in regards to genre.] Suggestions: Lollipop factory, security guard & criminal, deodorant Word Count: 500 exactly!  5. I… Continue reading Lollipop

Ten Miles to Hop

500 Word Noir Project Suggestions: Desert Highway, Twins, Film Camera Word Count: 598 and no more Ten Miles to Hop The girl in the filling station is beautiful, and she’s happy to see me. “You left your wallet, mister!” “Not him, Rosita,” another voice, a woman, “He’s thinner.” I palm the wallet, “Following my brother.… Continue reading Ten Miles to Hop

Zeus and Hera Go to Hell

500 Word Noir Project Suggestions: The Underworld, Bitterly Divorced Couple, A Candle Word Count: 599...with no pithy apology or explanation.   Zeus and Hera Go to Hell   They arrive unburied, bickering, the last of the gods to die, still arguing about who let the Titans send them tumbling from Olympus to the Underworld. “Faithless… Continue reading Zeus and Hera Go to Hell

In the Colosseum, Tonight

500 Word Noir Project Suggestions: Roman Gladiator Pit, 2 Somms, Bag of Chili Cheese Flavored Corn Chips Word Count: 597...pushin' it... In the Colosseum, Tonight “YOU’RE THE KIND OF DICK WHO’D ASK FOR WEINGUT KELLER RHEINHESSEN REISLING IN A MAGNUM!” Two flushed thumbs are facing off, squirming in their tuxes: Kevin DeGromme and Brian Cartouche,… Continue reading In the Colosseum, Tonight